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Kids activity, craft & recipie ideas

How To

Paper Plate Crown

The king and queen of our Wondrous World want to make your wondrous kid an honorary royal for being so helpful and adventurous every time they visit! With this fun crafting activity, they’ll fit right in with their very own crown :)

How To

Unicorn Finger Puppet

This finger puppet activity will keep your wondrous kid entertained any day. The unicorn from our wondrous world certainly appreciates a fun crafting activity on a rainy day. It’s the unicorn’s snout, it tends to catch a cold, when it’s very wet out!

How To

Wondrous World Cave Crystals

You’ve seen your wondrous kid escape lava rivers in the caves of our Wondrous World by hanging on to stalactites, but now they can make their own too!

How To

T-rex Helicopter Toy

Uh oh, looks like the T-Rex from our Wondrous World has broken his toy, can you’re wondrous kid fix it and bring him some joy? They’re easy to make and super fun!

How To

Paper plate bunny ears

You can make these super easy bunny ears with either a few household items and our bunny ears template download!