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Crafty Fox origami

Have you and your wondrous kid gone on an adventure to meet the crafty fox from our Fantastic Family yet?

We have a great idea to inspire their imagination as you read about your family’s adventure, it’s a super easy project you can make together!

What you’ll need: paper, scissors (if you need to cut a piece of paper square), markers/crayons

1. Start with a square piece of paper. If you don’t have origami paper printer paper should work just fine, your wondrous kid might want to colour it in first though!

2. Fold it in half diagonally. You’ll get a triangle.

3. Fold the triangle in half – as shown on the third image above.

4. Unfold.

5. Grab the right (or left) corner of the triangle and fold it towards the center corner.

6. Do the same with the left (or right) corner.

7. Flip it around.

8. Fold the square in half as shown in the 8th and 9th image above.

9. Nearly done!

10. Make sure your triangle is positioned as the one in the third photo above – the 6 layers side on facing to the left

11. Fold inwards (all layers) as shown on the pictures.

12. Repeat step 11.

13. Unfold the first 3 layers.

14. Push down the middle “two” layers as shown on the picture above – it’s the crafty fox ‘s head :D

15. Make the fox legs pointy by folding in the legs (diagonally). 

16. You can also fold the tail inwards to make the fox more stable.

17. Draw in the ears and face for your fox.

18.You’re all done!

Know someone who’d enjoy making their own origami crafty fox? Share it on Facebook or show us your wondrous kid’s crafty work :)

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