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T-rex Helicopter Toy

Uh oh, looks like the T-Rex from our Wondrous World has broken his toy, can you’re wondrous kid fix it and bring him some joy? They’re easy to make and super fun!

What you’ll need: egg carton(s), scissors, paint, paint brushes, glue, paper, marker, paper fastener

1.Cut egg carton into single pieces, cutting the tall part off and cutting it in half for the helicopter tail.

2.You’re going to need more tall parts (and another carton for this). Cut the top off them and keep for the part to attach the blades.

3. Paint these parts, making a half circle at the front for the windscreen.

4. Once the paint has dried you add detail with a black marker. You can outline the windscreen and draw 2 little square windows on the back, one on each side.

5. Cut strips of paper approx 1cm wide and 10cm long, you’ll need 2 for each helicopter.

6. Glue them together into a cross shape.

7. Use the end of the scissors to make a hole in the little circle tops.

8.Cut a small slit in the glued together cross, and attach it to the top with a paper fastener. All done!

Was the T.Rex happy with your wondrous kid’s helicopter? We’d be thrilled to see what they made :)

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